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Dedicated Development Center

We're building long-term dedicated teams of developers, which can become an integral part of your company while being hosted in our Development center in Ukraine. The Dedicated Development Center (DDC) is an engagement model for organizations that desire a long-term strategic partnership. The key difference between a DDC arrangement and tactical outsourcing is that the resources used will be 100% dedicated to your business.

Key benefits

How it works?

DDC is completely your team. You manage it, you select whom and when to hire, raise salary and so on. CodeTiburon takes the responsibility to organize work of your team in our offices, help you with recruiting and supplying with everything they need, administrative, legal and other issues freeing your time for your business.

  • We build your development team
  • We integrate the team with your site
  • We take care of administration and HR
  • You are in charge of project management

We build your development team

We build your team based on your requirements, using our internal development resources and recruitment capabilities. We strive to keep our best people in-house, so you may find some developer resources available right from the start.

We integrate the team with your site

A Delivery Manager responsible for team integration with your site is allocated for your account. He will work closely with you for the first months of cooperation to work out an efficient remote cooperation model and help to set up all the agile processes necessary for a geographically distributed team. He will be responsible for business processes integration, technology alignment, team-building activities coordination and setting up and overseeing effective communication.

We take care of administration and HR

We take care of all administration and HR pertaining to your team at our development center. We provide technical infrastructure, encourage continued education and stimulate a professional growth of your team. Your developers will not work isolated – we work to make sure that 120 developers working at our center have the environment to develop professionally by gaining and sharing their knowledge.

You are in charge of project management

As per Dedicated Team engagement model, you will be able to manage your team as you do your in-house one while we give you the necessary tools and provide our continued assistance. You get full control over your developers’ salaries so that are able to build relationships and motivate your team financially without intermediaries. Also, you can involve us at any stage of our cooperation to help you build better communication and relationships with your team.


Use our interactive builder to create your team online. Set the number of years of experience, the core technology, additional technologies and add specialist to the team. Team builder shows you the total cost of the team

build your team

Why CodeTiburon?

CodeTiburon is a web development company located in Kharkiv, Ukraine. United by our passion for web development, we have been delivering high-end solutions since 2009. Our team has already performed more than 200 web and mobile applications and complex solutions for various services: eCommerce, Social Networks, CRM, SaaS, etc. We provide full service including user experience analysis, project planning, graphic design, development, quality assurance, project and delivery management.

We share our expertise with every client and – fostering efficient working environment in the course of their entire outsourcing experience. Specific activities include social events, strong infrastructure, financial and administrative support, consulting services. Our mission is to create software products that anticipate our client`s desires, facilitate their business and provide them with quality services.

Our clients

The best way to get to know CodeTiburon is to explore the work we do for our clients.

Interactivated ecommerce

  • Team size: 8 members
  • Technologies: PHP, MySQL, Magento, Zend Framework, iOS, Android
The partnership started with several projects in the sphere of e-commerce. The pilot project was not large, but very important. The project was launched in time and within budget. The client was satisfied and extended the contract for additional 1 year. In January 2013 it was decided to completely switch to CodeTiburon, and then we signed a contract for an Dedicated Team. The Dedicated Team business model provides dedicated development teams along with complete infrastructure and administrative services to work exclusively on the Client’s projects. Interactivated acquired cost effective resources in contrast to employing local staff. CodeTiburon has been established effective development team that implements full development cycle. Over 50 projects were developed and delivered to end customers.
Roy Van Eijsselsteijn, Interactivated


  • Team size: 3 members
  • Technologies: MySQL, PHP, Nginx, Magento CE, API, oAuth
DTC genetic testing is based on the ability to sell tests online, collect samples from the customer at his/her home, sequence or genotype the samples, analyze the results and then provide useful online and offline informational services based on the customer’s genome. At the beginning of the partnership CodeTiburon developed website based on Magento CE. The system was integrated with external CRM sotware and Bio system in order to store customer data and test results. After that CodeTiburon has been established effective development&support team that continues the development of the system.
Itamar Shamshins, Co-founder of DrGene

Tagen informatics

  • Team size: 2-6 members
  • Technologies: PHP, Zend Framework, MySQL, AWS, jQuery
More than 3 years CodeTiburon team works on development and support of web solution which offers comprehensive online Art Education resources, including easy-to-use, intuitive eBooks, ePortfolios, a Curriculum Builder, and more than 30,000 fine art images.
Tagen Informatics

The Pitch House

  • Team size: 3 members
  • Technologies: LAMP, Zend Framework, jQuery
CodeTiburon team has created a powerful back-end application for our website tailored specifically for our business. Our online client area and artwork delivery system helps to make us a force to reckon with in our business. Fantastic rock solid quality, value and prompt attentive service always from CodeTiburon. It's my pleasure to recommend them very highly!
John Wohland, The Pitch House

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